6 Ways To Prepare For Your Wellness Screening.

Taking part in a wellness screening is a great way to keep an eye on any health hazards, whether it’s something you do every year or for the first time. Biometric screenings, often known as wellness screenings, use a variety of tests to find anomalies. Disease prevention is mostly dependent on treating illnesses as soon as possible.

So, how can you be sure that the findings of your test are as accurate as possible? It is crucial to remember that external factors like your nutrition, medications, and stress levels might affect your outcomes. Here are six strategies to get ready for your upcoming health examination:

Unless instructed otherwise by your physician, fasting is a highly recommended method to guarantee precise test outcomes. Consuming food and sweetened beverages can impact your lipid levels, so it’s advisable to reduce intake of these items before your screening. If you rely on coffee to kickstart your day, don’t worry – having black coffee (or black tea) is perfectly acceptable! For morning appointments, fast overnight and enjoy your latte and breakfast sandwich later in the day.

2. Stay Hydrated

We recommend drinking two glasses of water one to two hours before your screening.

3. Avoid Alcohol

In addition to fasting, it is highly advised to restrict alcohol consumption 24 hours before your appointment. Drinks like beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails can elevate blood sugar and blood pressure, potentially affecting the accuracy of your readings.

4. Take Prescribed Medications

It is important to continue taking your regular prescribed medications. If you have any questions about how medications might affect your screening results, contact your doctor. Once you have your results, your doctor can help determine if any abnormal readings may be linked to a side effect.

5. Manage Your Stress

Health screenings are simple, fast, and stress-free. It’s important to remember that stress can elevate blood pressure, especially if you tend to get nervous during screenings or are already stressed for other reasons. Luckily, our team of medical experts ensures that all our screenings take place in a warm and welcoming atmosphere!

6. Review Program Details

Depending on the specifics of your program, you might need to present an insurance card, payment, or other essential documents. Ensure you have all the necessary items ready. After completing your screening and receiving the results, carefully go through your report to spot any potential health risks. It’s advisable to go over the entire report with your doctor to keep them informed and receive guidance on further actions. Congratulations on prioritizing your health – you’re well on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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