About Us

About Us

To be the leader in provision of QUALITY, INNOVATIVE and ACCESSIBLE healthcare in Africa.

Our Mission is to:

  • Facilitate private sector delivery of quality healthcare solutions, while upholding sound practice of evidence-based medicine, and embracing new skills and scientifically proven technology for better delivery of medical services to our clients
  • Implement and maintain rapid response initiative strategies with an aim of reducing the patients’ waiting time without compromising the quality of care
  • Maintain a dignified, safe, efficient and pleasant work environment while rewarding the time and effort of our staff
  • Help our patients identify their healthcare needs, provide care that meets their needs and expectations; and assist them to maintain their health
  • Partner with other healthcare providers and specialists to embrace healthcare delivery
  • Partner with the community in designing healthcare management systems that address the areas of infection prevention strategies through health education, infection management and continuous disease surveillance
  • Create value for all our stakeholders.



Our hospital is governed by the following values:

  • Provision of service with INTEGRITY, OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY
  • We are HONEST: In according our clients with adequate health care, we are often privy to sensitive and confidential information which require honest, ethical management and respect for our clients
  • We are FAIR. The provision of a fair and equitable medical service is the fundamental principle promoted by our hospital. The overall management of the business ensures fair value for the quality of service provided
  • We are COMMITTED TO SERVE: The hospital is staffed with loyal and committed people who pride themselves in providing the best service. Our staff is empathetic to ethical values and reflects those values in their working day.
  • We are PROFESSIONAL and CONSISTENT in all our services
  • We CARE for the comfort, peace and joyous occasions for our clients, our employees and our environment by supporting activities that minimize the degradation of our natural heritage
  • We offer EQUAL OPPORTUNITY of employment for all qualified persons