Outpatient Care

Depending on the need of the patients our able team provides medical and counseling educational advice. We also do follow ups to our patients who need close clinical monitoring.


Our radiology unit is in operational, well equipped with X-ray unit that can perform a wide range of examination. The department is also equipped with ultrasound machines, selected to meet majority of examinations that our patients might require to any time of their visit to the hospital.

The unit operates every day between 7 AM and 8 PM.

Dental care

We have a fully equipped and well-staffed dental clinic that runs 12 hrs everyday between 9 AM and 9 AM

Consultant services

At Bristol Park Hospital, you will always have doctors on duty including nights. The doctors, together with their team of clinic and support staff are always alert in readiness in case of any emergencies.

The resident doctors are also on call 24 hrs and can be available anytime when needed.


  1. Nutrition Clinic
  2. Obstetrics / gynecology (GOPC)
  3. Pediatrics (POPC)
  4. Medical (MOPC)
  5. Surgical (SOPC)
  6. Diabetes (DOPC)
  7. E.N.T


Our clinical laboratory operates 24 hours a day and provides a full range of investigations.

We have invested in diagnostic equipment to guarantee quality, accurate and timely results. We offer our clients a wide range of biochemical, microbiological, serological and hematological tests.

The laboratory unit has also been very useful to other service providers in the area who have benefited from our outreach services and programs.


Child welfare clinic

Health education and counseling